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Palestinian Handmade Embroidery the designs and colors that tell the history

Palestinian Handmade Embroidery the designs and colors that tell the history What is Embroidery? Embroidery is the art of decorating on fabric using needle and thread, sometimes with materials such as beads or shells added to it. The History of Palestinian Tatreez The history of the Palestinian tatreez patterns go back to the era of the Canaanites thousands of years ago, and it is part of the culture and heritage of the Palestinian people, tens of years and colors are groups of shapes and colors, in each drawing represents the story of the embroidered dress and the story of who wears it. The meaning of the Palestinian Embroidery In their particular designs, Palestinian embroidered dresses are thought to portray a certain...

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Keffiyeh Scarf

The Keffiyeh Where the Keffiyeh name came from? What is the Arab headscarf called? Keffiyeh variations  How the Keffiyeh became the national symbol of Palestine?How the Keffiyeh scarf became a symbol of solidarity?

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