About Us

Rajaeen, derived from the Arabic word 'راجعين' meaning 'we shall return,' embodies the collective hope of refugees to one day reclaim their homelands.

Established with a profound purpose, Rajaeen seeks to empower refugees, particularly women, by offering employment opportunities rooted in the rich tapestry of handcrafted products and heritage. 

Our Mission

At Rajaeen, we believe in preserving tradition while fostering economic independence. Our mission is twofold: to equip refugees with the skills and resources to produce exquisite handmade goods and to connect them with a global audience through our online marketplace.

Our Vision 

Our vision extends beyond commerce; it's about catalyzing positive change on a global scale. Through Rajaeen.com, we aspire to:

  1. Educate individuals worldwide about refugee causes, fostering empathy and understanding.
  2. Amplify refugee voices by providing a platform for them to share their stories and experiences.
  3. Empower refugees by enabling them to earn a sustainable income through their craftsmanship.
  4. Provide a transparent avenue for individuals to support refugees ethically and securely.

Our commitment to this vision is reflected in our hands-on approach. We directly engage with refugees, facilitating every step of the production process, from skill-building workshops to product promotion. Each artisan has a voice; their stories are integral to our platform, enriching the connection between creator and consumer.

Looking ahead, we envision expanding our impact by establishing training centers in regions like but not limited to Jordan, south of Turkey, West Bank, and Gaza. These centers will serve as empowerment hubs, equipping refugees with practical skills and the means to access markets worldwide.


Join us in our mission to create sustainable livelihoods for refugees. Together, we can turn hope into tangible opportunities for those searching for a brighter tomorrow.