Palestinian Keffiyeh

Wouldn’t you love to have a Palestinian scarf that was actually made in Palestine?

What is Keffiyeh?   

It is more than a scarf, it’s a symbol of Justice and the icon of the Palestinian fight to freedom from oppression, persecution, and Zionist colonialism. The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as Kufiya, Keffiyeh, Shemagh, or Hatta. Its past goes back to the 1930s when Palestinian revolutionaries used it to resist the British mandate nevertheless, Palestinian peasants used it before to protect themselves from the sun's heat, dust, and cold.  

The Hirbawi family is one of the only factories in Hebron which continues to weave the only original Kufiya made in Palestine.

What is Keffiyeh Made from?

It's usually made of cotton however some factories use a mix of cotton and polyester or solely polyester fabric.  t had been made in Palestine and from 100% cotton in the Hirbawi factory in Hebron and hirbawi scarf is of premium quality but now China manufactures many of it. 

Keffiyeh Colors

The black-and-white is the most famous and traditional Palestinian scarf.  The red-and-white fishnet pattern is more famous in Jordan. Also, they made it now with different colors like Green, blue, Green Yellow and brown, black, navy, and olive.

Keffiyeh Day

Palestinians celebrate the day of keffiyeh oNovember 16 every year.