Keffiyeh Day

Palestinians celebrate the keffiyeh day on November 16 every year.

people celebrating keffiyeh day rajaeen

The Ministry of Education declared that November 16 of every year is a national keffiyeh day for the Palestinian keffiyeh. This declaration comes as a response to the attempts made by the occupation authorities to distort the identity and symbolism of that keffiyeh, as well as the claim that it is part of the Israeli heritage, as it was used more than once in Israeli fashion shows.

student celebrating kufiyeh day rajaeen

So, the students in every school should wear the keffiyeh on this day as a part of Palestinian heritage protection and a symbol of the Palestinian identity. The day of the keffiyeh is a day of pride and dignity, symbolizing the revolutionaries who have resisted the occupation in all periods, from the British mandate to the Israeli occupation.

World Keffiyeh Day 

On May 11th, 2016 World Keffiyeh Day was established by a student-run organization at Concordia University - Montreal, Canada, this global movement considered the most iconic symbol of Palestine, the Keffiyeh, Kufiya as a visual means to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause and their right to justice and dignity and they use the Palestinian keffiyeh scarf as a way of positively encouraging people to learn about Palestinians and their culture but also to understand the “Nakba”.

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