Olive leaf jewelry
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Olive leaf jewelry


Olive Leaf Earring (925 Sterling Silver)

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Olive tree roots run deep

باقون ما بقي الزعتر والزيتون

Stand out in your next special event or formal occasion with a piece of our olive leaf collection. This olive leaf earring was inspired by the wild Palestinian nature. The olive branch has always been a symbol of peace in Arab folk traditions. Often embroidered on various garments, olive trees were celebrated among Palestinians in all sorts of ways, making them a solid part of Palestinian heritage and style.

Olive leaves color?

Olive leaves naturally have a silver-green color, with an exquisite oblong shape, and beautiful veining, this olive leaf pendant embodies all that beauty in timeless delicate silver.

Olive Leaf Earring

Rajaeen has designed these pieces in natural olive leaf sizes and olive leaf veining, featuring a 60 cm silver earring, and available in a single or double leaf pendant. This earring is double-sided, can be worn to expose the front of the leaf, or flipped to expose the extensive veining of the back of the leaf. Pieces like this silver olive leaf are not only jewels, they also have meaning and history, so you can recognize and enjoy the symbolism every time you wear this earring.

Olive leaf jewelry has become an actual trend and a must-have accessory. This earring is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Best when paired with Rajaeen Silver Olive Leaf earrings. Makes a great and one of a kind gift for friends and family, on various occasions. 

Comes in a jewelry box perfect for gifting, and made to last a lifetime.
Weight (including the chain) is approximately 7g.

Made from 925 sterling silver. Dimension: the length of the leaf is 3 cm.