Palestinian Embroidery

Palestinian Heritage Dress Wall Art (Hand Made Embroidery)

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Thobe Wall Wrt - Palestinian Heritage Dress Wall Art (Hand Made)

Decorate your wall with this beautiful dress pattern and show off your heritage. In traditional red embroidery patterns on a black background.

Embroidered by hand, each detail was delicately stitched by Palestinian women. This pattern often found on traditional Palestinian dresses, can dress up any room. A perfect gift for friends, family, and anyone supporting Palestine and its cause.

Each piece is as unique as the individual who created it. The production of this beautiful art creates job opportunities and allows for this traditional art form to be passed on to new generations. Frame included.

Frame dimensions:

    • internal 19.5" x 15.5" 

    • External: 23" x 19"


Customer Reviews

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Zohdi Shareef
Really nice peace of Art

This Wall Art has special meaning for me. it represent the Palestinian traditional Tatreez a frame. I hang it in my living room and everyone see it asks me about it.